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Welcome to Grandpa's Pumpkin Farm & Fireworks!
We are a family-owned and operated pumpkin patch and
retail firework supplier specializing in fall family fun and
quality affordable FIREWORKS

2019 Firework Sales are June 1st -J uly 7th
Hours:  Thursday-Sunday   12-8
          Monday-Wesdnesday By Appointment
Call 712-579-8901 to Schedule

​Open to groups and field trips during the week by appointment.
Check out our pricing and hours page for details
Call us to set up your visit!

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Located right off of the highway between Panama and Woodbine, Grandpa's Pumpkin farm is situated on a family farm, overlooking a beautiful farm pond. Come enjoy a fun filled family outing in the beautiful rolling hill countryside of Iowa.
Stop by the craft barn to check out a vareity of handmade crafts and fall decor. 

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a craft vendor! 
 If you don't have time to join us for an afternoon of fun, you can still stop by and purchase pumpkins. There will be no admission charge for those just wanting to purchase pumpkins and gourds!